Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower, engage, elevate, and enable the next generation of voters focusing on nine verticals.

Build Stronger Voters

To build the next generation of voters, we want to give voters nonpartisan research, education, and support to help them confidently cast the best possible ballot to represent them at the local, state, and national levels.

Increase Voter Engagement

Voter engagement goes beyond casting a ballot. We want voters to be part of the debates, asking questions, and talking to elected officials even after election seasons.

Improve Voting Process

Voting in the U.S. should be easy. We need laws to be fair, inclusive, and easy to understand. We will do everything we can to help push legislation forward to improve on voting rules and regulations at the local and nationwide levels.

Enhance Civics Education

We want to redefine how we teach civics across the U.S. by starting the education process in the classroom on the basics of our democracy and our citizenship rights.

Post-School Civics Education

There should not be an age cutoff for civics education. We want to make civics education available to everyone to empower all to know their rights and have an understanding of our government.

Community Leader Mentorship

We are partnering with high school and college students to develop mentorship programs across the country to help create the community leaders of tomorrow.

More Candidate Community Engagement

It's not fair for voters to cast ballots for elected officials not active in the community. We want to hold our leaders accountable to do more than only show up during election season.

Elevate Political Debates

We deserve better political debates that lead to real progressive change that benefits everyone and allows voters to learn what elected officials' intentions are for the betterment of our communities.

Data-Led Voter Programming

There is power in data. Knowing where voter education and turnout can be improved allows for real change. We aggregate our own data to ensure we're creating the best programs possible for voters.