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We Are Voters

We exist to educate, empower, and engage voters across America in order to keep democracy alive. As a nonpartisan nonprofit, we provide access to information helping voters and potential voters make purposeful decisions on our collective future.


We are building the next generation of voters through our voter education and advocacy programs. We serve K-12, colleges and HBCUs, communities, and more!


We believe a stronger democracy is built on well-informed voters. From local to national Election Day reminders to nonpartisan research and messages, our goal is to make stronger voters.


We are creating safe spaces to have respectful conversations around policies, narratives, candidates, community, and the impacts that come with voting.

Our National Initiatives

What We Do Goes Beyond election day.

K-12 Civic Education

Building the next generation of engaged voters.

Post-School Voter Education

It's never too late to cast your strongest possible vote.

Voter Advocacy Programs

Effective programs built through real-world engagements.

Community Leadership Mentorships

Strong community leaders mean strong communities.

How We Impact Voters

Educating & Empowering Voters To Take action.

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Long-Term Vision & Impact

It's not just about looking at one election, we're looking at the bigger picture. By educating our youth on the impact of civil duties, we are building a better future.

Sustainable Community Building

Voting is about more than casting a ballot, it's about building the future you want to see, and it starts with equipping our communities with the resources to act.

Commitment To Nonpartisanship

We will never tell anyone how to vote. We exist to educate and empower voters to make the best possible decision for themselves and their community.

Our Executive Team.

Our Executive Team

our team across the country is committed to improving voter education & advocacy.